What legal action can be taken against a journalist?

What legal action can be taken against a journalist?

What legal action can be taken against a journalist?: In India, there is no explicit protection for free expression for journalists. Their right to free expression is unaffected by reasonable limitations, just like that of every other citizen. Furthermore, source secrecy is not protected in the absence of any “shield law.” Powerful and rich people … Read more

Different sources of earning for journalists?

Sources of earning for journalists

Sources of earning for journalists: With increasing cases of non- payment of salaries by some media organisations and high rate of unemployment, journalists have to be alive to the opportunities they can exploit to earn legitimate and ethical additional income. The opportunities are indeed available but it requires mastering your craft as a journalist, diligence, … Read more

How do journalists coverage during elections?

covererage during elections

Coverage during elections: In order for a democracy to run smoothly, the media are absolutely necessary. Discussion of the media’s roles within electoral contexts frequently centres on their “watchdog” role: by unrestricted scrutiny and discussion of the successes and failures of candidates, governments, and electoral management bodies, the media can inform the public of how … Read more

How to become accredited journalists in India?

How to become accredited journalists in India?

accredited journalists: Accreditation is defined by the Government of India as “recognition of news media representatives by the Government of India for the purpose of access to sources of information within the Government and also to news materials, written or pictorial, released by the Press Information Bureau and/or other agencies of the Government of India.” … Read more

To become a digital journalist , which medium is better? You Tube or News portal?

digital journalist

Specialized journalists known as “digital journalists” are responsible for producing enhanced news content for the internet and social media. They will regularly conduct research, confirm facts, and write stories. They will then find audio and video to accompany them. Going to the scene of a murder or other breaking news event like a fire is … Read more

Importance Of Digital Journalism In Modern Age

Importance Of Digital Journalism In Modern Age

Digital journalism: News and its accompaniments  that are created using digital media are referred to as “digital journalism.” The practice is progressively being implemented into established print and broadcast journalism. Each day, many newspapers also publish an online version, and many television news stations have interactive websites that may include podcasts, headlines or complete stories, … Read more

How to get Google AdSense Approval for News Portal?

How to get AdSense Approval for News Portal

Like any other website or a portal, a news portal starts with a motive of earning. Several revenue models like subscription, affiliate marketing, Facebook instant articles are used to make money from a news portal. Google AdSense is also one of those ways to make money from a website or portal. The decision of getting … Read more

How to earn from your online news portal?

How to earn from your online news portal

Many of us are fascinated with the idea of launching a news portal. The digital news industry is gaining prevalence these days. People find this business idea lucrative and profitable and are vigorously joining the industry. But not everyone is apprised with the ways of earning money from the news portal. The online publishers need to … Read more

How to start a news portal in India?

How to start a news portal in India

Are you running a print newspaper and looking for ways to digitalize your newspaper? Or you want to start an online news portal. Any of the above reasons must have brought you here.  The news industry is going online by developing news portals, websites and providing e-papers. The spread of digitalization is a cue while … Read more