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If you belong to news industry in India or want to join the one, then 7k Network is only for you, who assist news publishers in everything they need. 


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It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, if you belong to the news industry then we are here to assist you. We can handle every problem from setting your news publishing business to creating id cards for reporters.

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In order to help you achieve the perfect results, our designers are committed to creating the best design and project strategy.


Our tech-enabled services help your news grow online, and generate more revenue

The Indian news industry has been delivering quality information to the readers for a long period now and the purpose of introducing this platform is to address the existing gap in the market. Many publishers have the right information but just because they don’t have the right platform to deliver the valuable news, they are left out in a corner.

We here will help them to introduce their news portal in India; this is a shoutout for the publishers out there to come and get their journey started with us to deliver a quality piece of information. Our team of experienced individuals having expertise in tech-enabled services shall guide them through the whole process of registering the new portal, handling the reach to the audience with the help of social media channels and also will provide a guide for digital marketing for targeting the right kind of audience for news they seek to deliver. Delivery of the news is what makes the revenue also grow for a publisher, so it is really important that the target audience is met and the message is received properly. We can help you get all this on our one platform.


News Network in India

We at 7Knetwork give you an experience of quality and dedication with a sense of belongingness. Our team is experienced and qualified enough for providing news industry-related services and products to you. If you are juggling to find a marketspace for your news industry, then you can trust our services. 


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Process of being Digital-

It is super easy with us to go online and forgetting hassle of handling technical part of your work!


How 7Knetwork works for you

We at 7Knetwork works for different news publishers in India for various services. We have a complete 360 degree approach towards the different news publishers. You may be a beginner or already settled in this industry, bothering about a lot of things. Don’t think much, we are here for you with everything you need. 

We are dealing in numerous services which are given as follows;

  • Registering your news portal if you are a beginner, Registering your newspaper name, Registering your news business, providing reporting equipment like lights, camera, mic, etc. 
  • Creating business ID cards for reporters,
  • Digital marketing services,
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic designing
  • Marketspace

These are the top-class services we provide to you. We give proper assistance to you and ensure your online news growth. 7Knetwork is the right choice if you are looking to settle into a news industry in India and ensure a high success rate. We take care of the competition in the market and how you want to grow in the news industry. 

Here are the following reasons why you can trust us;

  • 24*7 support– 7Knetwork provides 24*7 support services to you. We are always open to having your queries regarding the news industry.
  • Quality over quantity– Our team is highly skilled and professional with every service they provide to you. We take care of quality before anything.
  • Multiple services– We don’t deal with one or two services, instead, we deal with numerous news industry services.
  • Free consultation call– We give a free consultation call to you to know us better and we can understand your business needs.
  • Growth prospects– We have given our services to numerous news industry clients, who have seen a rise in their growth as a news publisher.
  • Lead generation– Our services won’t let your business down. It will only lead to connect more and more people to your news industry.

7Knetwork is enlightening the future of news publishers. We are making everything happen for an aspiring or already existing news publisher

We are extremely dedicated when it comes to a new project. We are dedicatedly offering our services to a variety of news publishers like the TV news industry, food news industry, radio news industry, broadcast news industry, newspaper industry, jobs, and trends news industry, etc. Our team at 7Knetwork works day and night just to make you earn huge revenue and grow your news publishing house. Our dedication towards your news industry will lead you to a greater height.

We have proven past records with our previous clients. We pour our time and efforts into your projects. We don’t back off from difficult situations, instead, we challenge ourselves to make you grow unconditionally. 7Knetwork has worked with numerous clients from the news industry and they have told us about the rate of success they have achieved. 

You just need to tell us what you want and we would be ready with everything. Do you want to register your news portal? Do you want to develop a news portal? Do you want to have digital marketing services? Do you want to have shoot equipment? Do you want us to make business ID cards? Well, we do everything. We are a one-stop opportunity for you. Don’t wait, grab the opportunity.

We believe in a phrase called “Client is the King”. We took care of your needs and what necessary for your news industry. We don’t work against your wishes. We will always take your approval for everything we will do. This is what our previous clients loved about us and were highly satisfied with our services. 

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Our large group of publishers connected across the globe who are impressed by the services that they have taken from us. Get connected with us and join the pool of publishers network to get started on your journey of becoming the best-in-class delivery of news for the readers.

900+ projects completed

We have successfully made it possible to complete 900+ projects, It is the dedication of our young and hardworking professionals. We have worked day and night to make all the projects possible. We incline our dedication towards the needs of your news industry.

Super satisfactory dedicated support

We believe in help, we make it possible by helping in need of an hour. We make ourselves available to every query, even after completion of the services. Our Support is personalized for every client, we assign dedicated project manager to each client, that's our power!


Reason to be best

Our services for the news industries have impressed the publishers along with giving them remarkable results along with the services for customers.

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We provide services like social media marketing, digital marketing, video graphics, creating business cards, creating reporter’s ID cards, developing news portals, making YouTube art, etc. Further, we also deliver light, camera, and mic for reporters. 

There is nothing you cannot find at 7Knetwork, we have everything for news publishers. 7knetwork is your one-stop solution for everything you want to experience in the news industry. Your every query would be heard and answered from time to time. We take care of your audience and bringing your news identity to market. 
We aim at producing the best results with the dedication of our team. We create opportunities for news industry jobs and we update you and your audience with updated news industry trends. We find the right mediums for you to produce news whether it is through radio, broadcast, digital mediums, etc. 

Unlocking a fruitful experience with 7Knetwork would generate a lot of revenue in the news industry. So, where are you? We are waiting for you at 7Knetwork. 

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News Portal

टीम तेज, उत्तरदायी थी, और समझती थी कि हमें क्या चाहिए!तथ्य यह है कि वे अपने ग्राहकों की परवाह करते हैं, यह भी एक हाइलाइट है।

Rahul Borule

News Editor & Influencer

“I have read some of the reader’s comments and they were saying that my news portal is spreading news industry trends, jobs, and everything they need. They have made my work so simple and so quick. I am witnessing a success rate on my news portal. Thank you very much.”



News Editor

The way the 7Knetwork team’s work, I don’t think there is anyone as good as them and friendly and honest with their clients. Thank you so much.

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