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Naresh Sharma
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They supplied a perfect design that lived up to our requirements and has always been very helpfull during the entire process. One thing I really appreciated was, advising and telling me directly if I had a request or idea that wouldn`t work out. Other designers might just do whatever you ask for, in order to make you happy. I would like to say that, this is best in all over India. Wishing the team all the best!
VK Singh
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I had booked website development services from 7kNetwork and they did a great job. They designed my website as I was expecting to be. I am fully satisfied by their work and support. Must Choose 7k Network for News Portal Development.
Sunil Pandey
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7kNetwork is one of the best digital marketing companies in India. I am very satisfied with their work as they delivered me a beautiful user-friendly website. Their technical support team is their plus point because they help us when the website has any technical issue.. I highly recommend 7k Network if anyone for news portal development.
Harmel Singh
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I am sharing my personal experience that from long time I was looking for a website designer. So one of my friend suggested me about them “7kNetwork” . Then I connected to them and we got the wonderful and professional website for our web portal. They are very professional and give their best work within the timeline and their price is also very reasonable .

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Who we are & What we do for Digital Journalists?

We are a team of digital journalism experts. Our expert solutions for digital journalism provide cutting-edge tools and techniques to help journalists succeed in rapidly changing news market. 

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We Can Help You Win Your News Market

Our digital journalism services are designed to support journalists in navigating the rapidly changing world of online media. We offer a range of expert solutions, including news portal development , news app development, social media marketing for news portals or journalist, personal branding for journalists, news portal registration , graphics designing , video editing to help digital journalists

News Portal Development

News Portal Development

News Portal Registration

News Portal Registration

News App

News Application

News Portal Marketing

News Portal Marketing

News Portal Monetisation

News Portal Monetization

News Portal Graphics Designing

News Portal Graphics Designing

Backed by the widest news network in India and a comprehensive view of the future, our platform gives you the best news website development , registration & monetization services and many products related to your digital journalism need. So that you can win your news market. 

We serve all over India 🇮🇳

We are pleased to offer digital journalism services to our clients across India. Our professional solutions are designed to meet your individual requirements and objectives, no matter if you reside in a large city or in a remote region. With our knowledgeable team and results-driven approach, we’re dedicated to helping you excel in the current digital media market.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Digital journalism is making use of electronic technology and platforms to collect information, create, and publish news and other content. It can be composed of text-based content as well as multimedia content and social media updates.

To become a digital journalist, it is essential to master excellent reporting and writing skills and a thorough understanding about digital platforms, tools and media. 7k Network will help you achieve this.

Digital journalism tools include content management platforms and social media platforms. They also include software for data visualization, and mobile apps for reporting. Examples comprise News Portals, News Apps, Social media platforms, youtube channel.

As an experienced digital marketing agency in the field of news industry, we can help journalists become popular by providing our expert services, by making professional news portal with modern features, implementing targeted social media marketing campaigns, improving their online presence and credibility, optimizing their content startegies for search engines, and building relationships with relevant media outlets and influencers in their industry and guiding at each step they need us in digital journalism.

7k Network provides 360 degree Digital Journalism solution for media person. The services includes news portal development, news portal registration, social media marketing for journalists , content marketing , graphics designing, video editing, training courses for jornalists etc.

No, Digital Journalism is not costly! It takes one time investment and provide you a long term business growth in the field of news. 

If you are willing to become a famous journalist then you need to work for it. It will take six to tweleve months to become popular with your brand. You can not get result quickly. You need to invest your time and provide the good content to the users.

7k Network is made up only for journalists. 7k Network focus on news industry and prove each and every required thing that journalist need to work in the field of digital journalism. 7k Network has four plus iyears of experience in news industry. And 2000+ clients trust base that is enough to tell you why you choose 7k Network.



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