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As the best news portal development company in India, we specialize in creating dynamic, user-friendly platforms that cater to the evolving needs of modern audiences. Our innovative solutions empower you to engage with readers effectively and deliver news seamlessly.

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Best News Portal Development Company in India

Completed 4000+ News Portals Successfully!

We are considered as best news portal development company in india, committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure your news portal stands out with cutting-edge design and functionality.  And with this dedication, we have completed 4000+ news portals till now!

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Fully Customized Design

We flaunt customized design as our best service. We never disappoint in providing the best designs with a touch of uniqueness.

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24x7 Support

7K Network understands the client's perspective and provides 24*7 technical support. You can rely on our services.

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Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our primary concern. We offer premium quality within the prescribed time frame and check with our clients regularly.

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Custome Satisfaction is our priority!

Well, Our primary goal is to satisfy modern digital journalist’s requests for the development of online news portals by providing quality service that is delivered promptly.

Let our experts take care of your need of having a professional news portal with all the modern features, and we will guide you for its modernization process as well. we are the best news portal development company in india, we will help you grow in digital media.

Still worried about finding the best news portal development company in india to assist you?

7k Network is the proven best news portal development company in India that helps news industry reporters, journalists and publishers obtain an affordable news portal with a top-quality design and modern features. As one of India’s top marketing agencies, we aim to help journalists launch their creative projects by offering top-notch news portal development services.

Our highly experienced news portal development team has completed numerous development projects across India while working with 7k Network experts on behalf of numerous clients. We facilitate the entire process for aspiring or established news publishers. We ensure the growth of Indian journalists and other media professionals online by providing them with the necessary support. 

We offer free premium hosting services to our clients. If you want to establish yourself in India’s news market and guarantee a high success rate, 7k Network is the best option. We take care of the market competition and how you want to develop in the news business.

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News App Development

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Why we are Best News Website development company in India?

7k network builds a website that contains modern features like social media integration, the ability to add unlimited authors, a live reporting system, and many more. Our news portals and websites are responsive, fast, and reliable.

We offer free premium hosting services to our clients. Right from beginning to end, we believe in supporting our clients efficaciously. We provide 24*7 technical assistance to our clients to prevent them from facing evitable issues.

We add relevant sections on the news portal to ease the movement of the end-user. The sections include business, entertainment, politics, economics, blogs, articles, etc.
We also have a feature that updates the user with breaking news right after its release. Don’t wait to start your online news website portal and get associated with a 7k network now to get outstanding deals at reasonable prices.

It is never too late to begin. Whether you are starting your career as a journalist or an established newspaper owner, you can always go digital. All you need to do is develop your news website with a team of specialists for the best results.

A well-designed news website portal helps you reach your target audience by adapting the right niche per their tastes. You can even redesign your news portal as per the trends. Moving as per the trend is a vital decision for every business. You clicked the correct button if you are also looking for a team of specialists to begin your journey as a journalist or an online publisher. 7K network is one of India’s best news website development companies. We provide high-quality services at affordable prices.

The news website or portal developed contains dynamic categories and sections. We hold expertise in developing SEO-friendly news websites that enhance the visibility of your website. Our news website development company develop a well-designed and well-structured website that offers excellent UI and UX. We consider the demand of our customers and hold prominence in providing customized design of the news website or portal.

Why Choose 7k Network for your News Project?

Support for journalist

7k Network gives full support to the journalists and helps them in every way. If someone is new to the industry or starting their news portal, we are always ready to help them to understand things. In fact, with the help of our blogs, new journalists will get to know so many things related to the digital media industry. We have already supported more than 4000+ journalists and are looking forward to helping more.

Custom Design

Designs are the main attraction of any website, and users also love a website that looks elegant. We always work according to our clients and make their needs fulfilled. Custom design is one of the best services we deliver to our clients. We always admire unique and attractive news portal designs. We always do our best and look to give the website a touch of uniqueness in design. 7k Network always believes in working with the trend in the digital era and providing the best services to clients. So, if you are worried about customnews portal designs, then don’t worry. You are at the right place i.e 7k Network.

Modern Features

Every website gets more attractive if it has modern features, and 7k Network 100% agrees. We will give our clients the best modern features on their news portal so their readers can enjoy it. It is very important to grow with advanced technology in today’s digital era. Unique typography, background images, videos, etc., are all modern features. We also deliver our client’s best and help them grow their news business through their news portal with modern features. Let our client’s readers enjoy their reading on the news portal. 

High Speed

Every reader loves to visit news portals which load fast, waiting for loading. No one like that’s why it is one of our priority services to provide the clients. News website speed directly affects the audience and your search engine ranking also. We also meet the client’s requirements and provide the best services to them. 

Trust Base

7K Network has an amazing trust base, and we have worked on more than 4000+ news portals. Even journalists are part of us, and we have amazing support from them. We started as a digital marketing agency Traffic Tail, and now we have developed a special service provider 7k Network for journalists. Most amazingly, our founder Damandeep Singh has an incredible 6 years of experience in the marketing industry and he is an expert marketing of the media industry. So, don’t worry; you are completely in secure hands. We always work best for our clients. 

Advantage of Online News Portal in India.

Digitalization of news websites is the need of the hour. Online news website plays a significant role in providing information to the masses. Not everyone prefers to read the newspaper, so they look for authentic online news portals to get the information.

It provides the masses with the fastest and latest news.

Easy to access, you don't need to have any technical knowledge.

Breaking news can be updated within a few minutes.

A reader can give his feedback through comments.

Affordable Advertisement Solution.

Anyone from any place can see your news.

Simple Pricing

Choose a plan that
fits your requirments.


Suitable for freshers in news industry!
12000 For Begginers
  • Free Domain & Hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Responsive Layout
  • 6 Months Support
  • Shared Hosting

* Rs.3000 yearly (renewal)

Small Teams

Best for small groups for journalists!
25000 Recommended for small teams
  • 1 Year Support
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Layout
  • 15+ Features
  • Dedicated Hosting

* Rs.4500 yearly (renewal)


Best for professionals with large team!
40000 For Pros
  • News App & I'd Card
  • MSME Registration
  • Social Media Setup
  • Custom Design & Features
  • Dedicated Hosting

* Rs.6500 yearly (renewal)

What we Offer

We understand that every client has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer highly customized solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of each News Portal.

Speed is one of the most important performance measuring factors of a news portal. A well-designed news portal is expected to get open within 3-5 seconds. It can even be labeled as an indicator of online success, as if a news portal takes longer than 5 seconds to open, users leave the portal and hunt for the better one, as per the studies. Your news portal should respond effectively within a matter of seconds. The redesigning of the news portal excels this work if accomplished by specialists.

Search Engine Optimization could be the best gift you can give to your news portal after redesigning. An SEO-friendly news portal targets quality traffic and enhances the visibility of your news portal. It comes with other benefits like SEO helps you in getting more clicks than PPC. Also, you don’t have to spend extra bucks on the ads. You get an opportunity to move ahead of your competition by improving your visibility.

Our relationship with our clients extends beyond the initial development phase. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that our solutions continue to perform optimally over time. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues or implementing updates and enhancements, our team is always available to assist our clients with their needs.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time. Our team follows a streamlined development process and adheres to strict timelines to ensure that projects are completed within the specified timeframe. We also maintain open lines of communication with our clients to keep them informed of the project’s progress every step of the way.

How to make an Online News Portal?

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Take a chance on us, don’t wait and book a free consultation call. There is nothing to lose, only a chance of getting closure to make your news industry a big hit.

News Portal features

  1. SEO Friendly
    We hold expertise in developing SEO-friendly news website development. An SEO-friendly news portal will be ranked higher, increasing the quality traffic on your website. Developing an SEO-friendly portal is advantageous as you don’t even have to pay for ads.Search Engine Optimization gets more clicks than Pay-per-clicks (PPC).

  2. Responsive Layout
    A responsive news portal has a friendly attitude towards all the devices. A responsive news portal can be opened on mobile phones, laptops, tablets without disturbing the layout. This is one of the most important features of an excellent news portal, as it is not possible to open a laptop for every second search.

  3. Fast & Reliable
    According to research, if a website or a news portal takes more than 5 seconds to open, it becomes prone to losing traffic. So, the news portal or website should load easily. The news provided should be fast and genuine. A piece of genuine information providing an online news portal is considered reliable.

  4. Push Notifications
    Push notifications are pop-up messages that appear on the user’s browser. These are clickable messages that can appear on every device. Having a push notification feature on your news portal can help you in conveying messages related to offers or other information to your visitors.

  5. Multiple Author & Author Signup
    Many times more than one journalist contributes to producing an article, blog or story, so multiple authors are required to be mentioned. A well-designed news portal should provide the feature of associating multiple author sign-up.

  6. Live reporting system
    Live reports update date just like a streaming video. A news portal must have a live reporting system as many-a-times, there is certain news that requires live coverage. The online news portals that have a live reposting system are valued over the ones that don’t possess this feature. 

  7. Custom Design
    A custom design news portal enables the owner to exercise more control. The owner can set specifications related to the design, colour, theme and features of the website. The owner is imparted with a sense of accomplishment if he gets a customized design of the news portal.

  8. Free Premium Hosting
    Premium hosting allows you to enjoy high-quality support to fix technical issues. On the other hand, with normal hosting, you will get solutions to fix the problem by yourself. Premium hosting maintains the quality of your news portal. It imparts the clients with long-term benefits and tends to handle higher levels of traffic with utmost ease.

  9. Widgets
    A web widget is a premium feature. Widgets are embedded on the web pages, website or news portals for different purposes like site or portal performance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and backlink campaigns. Widgets themselves are not laborious, they just connect you to the relevant Facebook page, website, portal or desktop to get relevant information. It allows easy access to information for visitors.

  10. WordPress Based
    Developing a WordPress-based portal could be a great option. WordPress is a great choice to build a news portal as it is a platform that allows the latest posts to become visible on the top. It enables the users to make use of themes and plugins to customize the news portal.

  11. Auto Social Media Sharing
    Social media has become a great source of promoting a news portal. Automatic social media sharing implies using software or tools that post the directed information on social media without human intervention. In other words, it allows the relevant information of your news portal to get posted on social media accounts like, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

How News portal can solve all purposes of a News Publisher

A news website is an access point to the news. It can be referred to as a customized website that assembles information from several sources and in a uniform manner. It minds consistency as well. A news portal is a customized website, so the content of the website is presented and organized as per the demand and tastes of the end customer. It can also be customized based on the restrictions of domain searches. Another benefit of a news portal is that the news gets updated easily, which prevents wastage of time and effort. It is a cost-effective method of serving your visitors with the news. You can also update images, videos, blogs, etc on the news portal.

News website can solve all the purposes of a news publisher. An online news portal can also be called a one-stop solution for news publishers. It plays a significant role in educating the people about the latest happenings and events around the globe. Not everyone can afford to sit for hours holding a newspaper to get the required information. People prefer online news portals or websites to remain updated with the latest news. News website development provides information on multiple topics like politics, economy, sports, entertainment, environment, etc. 

A news portal is considered an access point to news as it offers easy accessibility. News publishers can move ahead of their competitors by serving the masses with the latest and fastest news. People choose to rely on the news portal that offers genuine news in a small period. Most of the news portals offer a live reporting system, which allows people to catch the live coverage of cricket matches, football match, fashion shows, cultural fairs, business events, or other important events in the city.

A news portal provides the readers with an opportunity to opine through comments. A discussion hub can be created by adding a comment section in the online news portal. It is not possible to print breaking news in a minute but it can be published on the news portal. An online news publisher always has this advantage over traditional newspaper owners. The pictures play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the visitors. You can always update the relevant pictures on your news portal. 

News portal is a cost-effective method of serving people with the information, even advertisements solutions are cost-effective. A news portal website is not only a great choice for online publishers, but it is also advantageous for advertisers. Advertisers manage to get the relevant details of the readers of their ad, which is not possible in the case of newspapers. An online publisher can always track the performance of the news portal and work towards betterment to offer the best services to the customers.

7k network

Why Us?

Why 7k Network for your News Portal Development

7K Network is India’s No. 1 news website development company that assists upcoming journalists or reporters to own a news portal at an affordable price. We aim to provide the best quality services to our customers and help them to start their journey as online publications. We never fail to impress our clients with the quality of our services. Adding uniqueness and innovation is our specialty and customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We provide 24*7 technical assistance and guidance at every level.

We hold expertise in developing SEO-friendly news portals. 7K Network provides a customized news portal, unlimited hosting at affordable pricing. We serve you with a news portal that allows you to publish blogs, articles, columns, press releases, publications, and other content related to the news. We will provide you with a full-fledged control panel to update the required content with utmost ease. A feature will be embedded, through which multiple admins can manage the portal, after the permission of the superior admin.

7k network

Choose Specialists

We are Experienced and affordable News Website Development in India

The quality of your news portal reflects your work and decides the next visit of the searcher. A premium quality news portal should have an attractive UI and a responsive design. The news portal should be easy to maintain and serve its purpose effectively. It should provide the relevant information effectively. And the quality can be bagged only from the specialists. Hire a team of news portal developing specialists who can provide premium quality work and technical assistance.

7K is the best news portal development company in India as we have cautiously invested in our human capital and the team of professional erudite provide excellent news portal development services. We offer quality at reasonable prices, a great reason to enjoy our services. We assure an unbeatable support system and best-in-class service to help you. Get connected with the 7K network now, because our services are Wow.

Update Your Website

News Portal Redesigning Services in India

There comes a point where the news portal owners feel a need of getting their portal redesigning. A news portal redesigning has a bigger picture. It does not only include, updating colors, themes or fonts, buttons. The companies that plan to get their news portal redesigned have goals like, increased online presence, higher conversion, quality traffic, better user experience, and many more. The redesigning services should opt cautiously. Before getting your news portal redesigned, define your goals and expectations and then invest wisely. Don’t forget to consider other important factors like portal visitors, bounce rate, average time on the news portal, etc before redesigning. 

When it comes to redesigning the news portal, choosing the right team of professionals is a must. Because the specialists can provide you with premium quality news portal redesigning services. 7K network news website development company in India can provide you with the best online news portal redesigning services in India at an affordable price. We never compromise with the quality of service and provide customized design and maintain the uniqueness of the services. If you want you can do hardcore research and list the websites you love the most. Jot down their features and get those features embedded on your news portal to offer tough competition. 

While selecting a news portal redesigning company, make sure your working styles comply with each other. Also, the approach of the company depends on your goals, current KPIs, budget, and growth strategy. Because a small change in the functionality may bring heavy changes in UI. So, you should always research and then choose the experts for redesigning your news portal as it is a matter of investment and should do it wisely. Choosing 7k best news portal development company in India could be a great decision, as we provide the following services effectively and efficiently.

7k network

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not difficult to start an online news portal in India. Follow these steps to start an online news portal.

  • Get a domain name for your website
  • Choose web hosting services
  • Install amazing templates
  • Install the design of your newspaper
  • Publish a lot of articles
  • Advertise your news portal

News portals require CMS to function smoothly. A news portal requires constant publishing of articles, news so this makes it difficult to run a news portal without CMS. The best CMS to manage a news portal is Drupal, after WordPress. Drupal has been labeled as the best CMS. It excels in publishing articles and the publishing process is not as complex as WordPress. So, if you want to begin with supremacy, go for WordPress, otherwise, Drupal can also be chosen.

On average, it costs $200 to build a website in India. But if you want to develop an excellent website, you would require designers. It costs around INR 3999 to develop a news website in India. The cost of the website depends on the design and specifications you want to get added.

 A news portal is the access point of news. It provides the masses with the latest news faster than printed newspapers. News portal gives information on different topics like entertainment, political, economic, sports, etc. They provide information as per the interest of the public.

You cannot run a newspaper without relevant permission and license. A form with the following information has to be submitted to obtain the newspaper license.

  • The name of your newspaper
  • The name of the owner
  • Languages of circulation
  • The area of publication

With the above-mentioned information, you can apply for the newspaper license and submit these details to District Magistrate. After verification of the details, DM will forward your application to RNI. Then the RNI will let DM know about the availability of the title through a letter. After that, a declaration will be made by the owner to start the newspaper. This registration can be obtained online as well.

Like every business, you would require a great plan and a hard-hitting strategy to start a news website in India. At the initial level, you don’t have to spend heavy amounts on technology to build a website. You can begin with the right tricks and persistence. By following these steps, you can start a news website-

  • Create a hard-hitting business plan
  • Select your platform (Preferred WordPress)
  • Choose the plugins
    Produce premium quality content
  • Advertise your website

Several business models are used to make money. Instead of using a single business model, they choose a combination of certain business-like, digital advertising, subscription fees, eCommerce sales, affiliate linking. Online publishers have discovered another source of generating revenue which is virtual or in-person live events.