Best WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal


WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal: Do you want to increase news website traffic while collecting relevant data that could expand the business? Your response would likely be “yes.” If so, consider adding a WordPress poll plugin to your news website.

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

Online polls are a great way to connect with and engage your target market. Using these polls as a business owner, you can learn what your audience wants. We have compiled the top WordPress poll plugins for 2022 for you to use on your website as a starting point.

Install one of these WordPress poll plugins immediately to advance your news portal.

What Is the Purpose of a WordPress Poll Plugin?

You can create interactive surveys and polls for your news website visitors, to respond to using a poll plugin. There are many different ways to display polls, including embedding the poll questions in a web page, making a pop-up box, or adding the poll to a sidebar.

The best polling plugins let you show the results immediately so that users can compare their responses to those of other users. Many of the top picks in the news portal can be used to build different forms. These would be fantastic options for creating contact or lead capture forms.

WordPress Poll Plugins: Facts to Consider

The terms “poll” or “poll plugin” will return a tonne of results when you search for WordPress survey plugins. In this situation, selecting the best option might need to be clarified.

Therefore, when choosing a poll plugin, you must consider certain factors. While many well-known plugins that offer polling services meet these requirements, not all of them do. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to let popularity that doesn’t fit your needs impact you.

The following are the primary considerations:

  • Versatile and adaptable (can be added anywhere)
  • Easy to use 
  • support for the use of charts, graphs, and other visual elements to display results
  • Speedy, responsive, and lightweight
  • neat and delightful design

Step for Set up The Plugin

You can set up the plugins by following the easy steps on the wordpress:

  1. Visit the Plugins and add a new page to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Locate the plugin name in the search bar 
  3. Click install now
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Find the poll plugin in your plugins list. You can now create your first poll.

Best 10 WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

Let’s explore some of the top WordPress plugins to see how they handle all these features:

1. WPForms

WPForms is the most powerful WordPress contact form plugin available. It has complete surveys and poll plugins that enable you to quickly create incredibly engaging survey forms. WPForm is available for free download. Additionally, it offers a premium version with a $39.50 – $299.50 annual price range.

The WPForms surveys and polls plugins work well with its robust conditional logic, multi-page forms, custom notifications, and email integration. More than 5 million website owners use it because of this.

Features of WPForms

  1. Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
  2. Intelligent Conditional Logic
  3. Templates for Pre-Built Forms
  4. Simple Payments
  5. Spam Protection

Pros of WPForms

  1. Mobile-friendly forms
  2. Search engine friendly
  3. Intelligent survey fields
  4. Quick notifications
  5. Several-page forms
  6. File upload functionality

2. Formidable Forms

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

Formidable Forms is a sophisticated WordPress poll plugin that makes it simple to create polls and surveys for your business. Over 300,000 businesses have used this plugin, and it has received a whopping 94% of their satisfaction.

In addition to its features, this WordPress plugin’s best quality is that it can create contact forms, reports, and anything else a drag-and-drop form builder can do. There is no trial version of Formidable Forms. Its annual licence and package fees range from $49.50 to $299.50.

Features of Formidable Forms

  1. Drag and drop form builder without using code
  2. Several data display options
  3. Smart conditional logic
  4. Polls with a progress bar on multiple pages
  5. Before submitting, review the choice.
  6. Popular calculator integrations

Pros of Formidable Forms

  1. Many options for customization and features
  2. Scalable and simple to use
  3. Flexible options for form design and styling

3. Gravity forms

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

If your website utilises Gravity forms, the poll is a great addition. This add-on can seamlessly integrate with your forms to interact with users and gather and analyse data. This plugin also enables you to quickly create sophisticated polls and view the results in a matter of clicks. There is no free trial available. Prices for its licences and packages range from $59 to $259 annually.

Features of Gravity Forms

  • Easily Useable Visual Form Editor
  • 30+ Form Fields That Are Ready to Use
  • Innovative Conditional Logic
  • Email Alerts
  • Advanced Spam Protection

Pros of Gravity Forms

  • Simple-to-use plugin
  • There is a drag-and-drop form editor.
  • You can set up your form using conditional logic.
  • To ensure the poll’s integrity, limit the number of responses per visitor.
  • Mobile-friendly – designed to look good on a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Combat spam with Google reCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha, and Akismet.
  • Endless integration options

4. TotalPoll Pro

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

TotalPoll Pro is another potent and premium WordPress poll plugin that provides you with all the tools you need to design and build polls for your business. This plugin has over 8000 sales and a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on the Envato market, making it one of the best-selling WordPress poll plugins. The plugin is available in a free version. In contrast, licence and package prices begin at $79.00 per user per year.

Features of TotalPoll Pro

  • user friendly
  • Drag and drop
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy data gathering and browsing

Pros of TotalPoll Pro

  • Multiple built-in features provide limitless possibilities.
  • Design flexibility
  • Built with familiar APIs.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Quick customer service

5. YOP Poll

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

Another WordPress plugin making headlines this year as one of the best WordPress Poll Plugins is YOP POLL. With a feature for autonomous poll scheduling, this plugin’s interface is clear and straightforward. The YOP poll also supports voting restrictions for non-registered users and particular usernames or IP addresses. You can download YOP Poll without charge. The cost of the pro version, which is only available for one-time purchases, ranges from $17 to $57.

Features of YOP POLL

  • 30+ unique starter templates
  • Images and video poll responses
  • Personalised text blocks
  • Facebook and Google login integration
  • Fingerprint voting
  • Countdown timer

Pros of YOP POLL 

  • Poll restriction and security
  • Can create an unlimited number of polls
  • Public poll statistics
  • Displays results in real-time
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant

6. TS Poll

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

It is a responsive and fast poll plugin for WordPress. This plugin is responsive for desktop users in general and mobile users in particular, as the name would imply. Aside from text polls, this plugin allows users to create video and image polls, which is fantastic. The responsive poll plugin deserves its place on this year’s list of the best WordPress poll plugins due to its add-ons and simplicity.

Features of TS Poll

  • Fully responsive
  • customizable WordPress Survey Plugin
  • It provides three layers of security
  • Built using Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Easy to install and use

Pros of TS Poll

  • Ability to add images, and videos (YouTube & Vimeo) to its Poll
  • Easy website integration
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Show results after voting or no 
  • Define start and end date 

7. Modal Survey

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

One of the poll plugins for WordPress that has received the most positive reviews is Modal Survey. Nearly 5,000 sales have yielded a stellar 4.79 out of 5-star rating for this plugin. The top-rated WordPress survey plugin is Modal Survey, according to Envato’s CodeCanyon. Modal Survey will allow you to hear your visitor’s opinions through its eye-catching polls and gratitude for its magnificent themes and elegant designs.

Features of Modal Survey

  • Visual poll builder with live preview
  • Different poll styles 
  • Parallax effect on the polls while scrolling pages
  • Option to set start and expiry time for each questionnaire
  • Unlimited questions and answers

Pros of Modal Survey

  • Affordable premium plans
  • Numerous customization options
  • Minimalistic and responsive design

8. CrowdSignal 

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

CrowdSignal, formerly known as Polldaddy, is one of the best WordPress poll plugins on the list because of its extensive set of features and settings. It is a one-of-a-kind poll and survey plugin that is not a contact form plugin and is only designed for polls and surveys. Famous companies like FedEx, PayPal, Cisco, and Thomson Reuters also use this straightforward, quick, and effective poll plugin.

Features of CrowdSignal

  • Advanced Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Highly Customizable Features
  • Limit Double Voting and Spam
  • Full Control Over Analysis and Data
  • Share and Embed Your Surveys Anywhere

Pros of CrowdSignal 

  • Add custom styles to match your brand (use of CSS)
  • Watch results in real-time
  • Unlimited surveys and quizzes
  • May add photos, videos, and audio to your poll
  • Captcha protection to block and prevent spamming
  • 24/7 customer support

9. Democracy Poll

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

Democracy Poll allows users to collect customer feedback on any website page. Users can add their design or logo, choose their language, and pick and choose which questions and scoring options to use. They can also turn on and off write-in responses. When feedback is collected, it will be available on the dashboard immediately. Users can also receive feedback alerts directly to their email inboxes.

Features of Democracy Poll 

  • Ability to set poll’s start and end date
  • Works with cache plugins
  • Customizable CSS themes

Pros of Democracy Poll 

  • Visitors can add new answers
  • Single and Multiple voting
  • Easy-admin features
  • Fast performance

10. Getsitecontrol 

WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal
WordPress Poll Plugins for News Portal

Getsitecontrol is a user-friendly popup and survey plugin. It has a fully functional form builder that enables you to create any form, including order forms, questionnaires, and survey forms.

Getsitecontrol allows you to follow the results of your surveys in real-time. The dashboard makes it simple to access the survey results and export them to other programmes. You can also turn on notifications to monitor every view, click, and submission.

Features of Getsitecontrol 

  • Multiple Form Types
  • Track Real-Time Results
  • Full-Featured Form Builder
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Multiple Sharing Options

Pros of Getsitecontrol 

  • Mobile popups
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Direct links to widgets


Any website should have the WordPress poll plugin. Unfortunately, only some poll plugins available will live up to your expectations. To meet your needs, each poll plugin on this detailed article’s list incorporates top-notch features and functionality. You can contact the 7k Network for news portal development services.

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