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In the current world, information journeys at the rate of mild, and each second there’s a few sparkling content material to consume. Back with inside the day, newspapers got here out as soon as an afternoon or as soon as a week.  With the telegraph, radio, tv, and later the Internet, matters have modified as you may see. The TV and the Internet offer 24/7 access to the most applicable content material.

News makes up a large proportion of internet traffic, in particular through such offerings as 7knetwork.com. With the upward thrust of smartphones, a large proportion of information intake moved to cellular applications.

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News App Development

Fully Customized Design

As the best news app designing company in India, we provides the most unique design and customizable application.

Bugs Free

The application that we make is always free from bugs, errors, and faults. we create applications with all the safety measures.

Premium Design

We offer you unique and beautiful designs with Interesting pictures that attract the readers to our full quality services.

News App Development

Are you worried about finding the best news app development company to assist you?

Then 7k network is the right choice for you. We provide high-quality news app development services. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. The essence of the 7k network is uniqueness and high-quality services.

We propose unique designs for the news app and remain updated with the trend. We hold expertise in cost-effectively developing apps that can actually generate money for you.

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News App Development
News App Development

Our features

Some News Application Features

  • User Sign In Used social media register like Google Sign In, Facebook Sign In, Apple Sign In for IOS, Email Sign In, and additionally bypass register function in which consumer can get admission to the without sign up.

  • Loading Animation & Clean UI: Loading animations are had inside all displays which offer customers fluent & clean reports on records loading time. We also give a minimal user deal with Lottie animation.

  • Pagination: we provide the option to users to scroll countless to aid and load limitless records with no trouble and decrease database cost. So that the user can enjoy limitless services without any disturbance.

  • Pull-to-Refresh: We offer pull-to-refresh functionality. Which is a completely beneficial and impulsive gesture. Due to this fact, all you need to do is to refresh your web page viewing scroll to the pinnacle of the screen, then slide your finger down one extra time.

  • YouTube Video Support: the feature of YouTube video provide where there is a video guide with complete display screen view, gesture manipulation like MX Player, Speed mode & plenty more so that users can watch the news based on videos too.

  • Adaptive Dark Mode!: Dark Mode given by us is a brand new shades subject, to atone for the system’s brightness. This subject matter helps users to use apps in environments with decreased light. This makes the entire app extra functional & interesting.

  • Custom Websites: This feature provided by our app development company in Delhi is much like Facebook whereby clicking on any hyperlink within the app one can web view that news.

  • Interactive Push Notifications: Admin can ship push notifications immediately from admin panel to all android & IOS customers in only one click. Push notification’s frame additionally helps HTML text.

  • Bookmark: you could look at your favorite newsletters and channels every day and bookmark the information table in Apple information App on your iPhone/ iPad.You also can control it, like take away stored pages on the bookmark section.

  • User Profile: by this feature you get a chance to edit and update your profile at any time which you made during the time of login. You can even change the photo attached to your profile.

  • Admob Integration In Every Page: AdMob makes income sales clean with in-app ads, feasible insights, and powerful, clean-to-use equipment that develop your app business. So we offer these features on every page of the application.

  • Uploaded On Play Store:  Google Play is truly one of every of the biggest systems for distributing, promoting, and promoting Android applications. So we make your application Ready from each technical and legal reason of view and add it to the play store.

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Types of News Application

7k Network is India’s web app improvement enterprise that enjoys constructing world-elegance B2B & B2C applications. Our customers vary from startups to corporations and we’ve labored with a lot of enterprise verticals.

We give stop-to-stop custom net improvement offerings such as ground-up bespoke net improvement, migration, update, & ongoing renovation offerings.

1. Custom Based Application:

We offer custom net software improvement offerings starting from primary touchdown pages to complicated custom-designed net answers supporting customers to acquire their commercial enterprise dreams effectively.

  • Pre-aid audits and assessment
  • Infrastructure audits and assessment
  • Current gadget audits and assessment
  • Please contact us with your custom software idea

2. Web Application:

We as a News App development company in India focus on client-side and server-side programming so to develop an application that counted over a web browser. Our well-skilled Developers begin with the idea of a web application and then finding a solution to a specific problem, and move on to design the app, they work on the right framework to develop the web app, test it and finally deploy it.

Monetization of News Application

Nowadays, more and more application developers are avoiding the pay-per-view business model to profit from their creations in other ways, especially on Android, which has a large number of users but not much interest in research.

AdMob is another option that these developers can use. This is a form of PPM advertising, which stands for “pay per impression.” This means you can get paid by placing ads on app content. AdMob is the largest Android platform of its kind, which is not surprising because it owned by Google. We also give these pay-per-click services to our clients so to gain more monetization.

When setting AdMob, we offer you four different types of strategies to choose from:

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitials
  • Rewarded interstitial
  • Native ads

Banner ads: These are simple banners that displayed on your content. Since users can continue to work, they are less intrusive. Usually, we buy these ads to encourage users to try other applications or products. By Clicking on the ad and it will expand and cover the entire screen. We also give services of different sizes of banner ads for your UI.

Interstitial ads:  However, interstitial ads usually occupy the entire page and are usually inserted at natural breakpoints in the application. These ads focus on written content, so when users navigate from one screen to another, your ads may seem after multiple pages. These ads appear when users try to change the news they are reading.

Rewarded interstitial: As the name suggests these ads are to reward the users when they see these ads. These are likewise ads that give you some amount of subscription or something in context.

Native ads:  After all, native ads are ads that are better integrated with the application and adapted to your user experience. Pictures, users can easily insert advertisements between the two when scrolling. We give these services of Advertising to make an effective and easy way to generate revenue from your app.

Google AdMob is a smart app monetization platform that helps you get the most from advertising and in-app purchases. No special requirements needed. 

You can add your own Android app immediately. You will get the necessary code included in the application. The dashboard is great and has some of the best analysis tools that help to measure. Your profitability efficiency. The graphical user interface is very vivid and vivid.

Thus we as the App development company in India are providing these Google AdMob services to our news readings apps so that you can earn monetization at a very low cost.

We help to create your monetization strategy

Helping entrepreneurs develop their income models is also the core of our news application development products. We try to offer our clients mobile applications which can monetize properly with low investment.

Our team of mobile application strategy experts can help you decide how to make the best use of your news applications, preferring a subscription model. We also give you the core of marketing that needs to be done to potentiality your mobile application.

For news brands, we have many other monetization plans, as well as sponsored content, in-app advertising, etc.

  • Subscription model
    These options are beneficial for the one who just occasionally goes for reading the newspaper and not daily. Where one can choose from options like We monthly plans, yearly plans or per article read, etc.
  • In-app Advertising
    In news outlets this strategy is the most common out of all where the Advertising between different articles. This needs  Handled carefully so that it does not irritate readers. If used properly it is one of the most motorized models.
  • Freemium
    In this model, you offer a short clip for your services and then ask for payment and a subscription to view in full. Here one more thing to be done like “for ad-free experience use subscription version”.
  • Donation
    This works only if you have a large number of followers. Here you can ask your followers to give for your application. Thus it is the least followed kind of model.All these monetizing strategies are developed by us on the demand of the clients. Even we combine these strategies to give you better and esthetic services.


We offer comprehensive android app development services

Our Android application developers have extensive experience, mobile basic knowledge, and ability in Android application development and customer-oriented application development. We have built a key business and customized Android solutions for start-ups, leading global brands, and target companies

7k Network has developed Android applications to discuss discrete business needs and end-user-centric solutions, and offer an excellent mobile experience. These methods outperform big and small brands not only in India but also in the world. And proud of our Android developers and designers.

  • Develop a single application for Android: We know all the usage and limitations of the smartphone ecosystem, and can prove everything with the elegant and powerful requirements of the Android mobile app and app development cost. We offer Valuable applications on Android devices
  • Android web applications: With our ability in website development, you can skillfully create Android web solutions for intuitive business processes.
  • Android UI/UX design: By creating highly scalable, smart, and easy-to-use Android apps, we give your app users an excellent user experience and mobility.

Benefits of Android app development services

We at our organization offer progressive and cost-powerful answers to brand new Android app improvement services & answers to startups and organizations so one can develop exponentially.

With a crew of expert app builders who have got a super ability of programming languages like Java, C++ HTML, we constantly intention to increase reducing side Android apps for our prestigious customers supporting them to do their commercial enterprise goals.

Developers at 7k Network as an affordable app development company in India do intensity and well-studies marketplace have a look at to satisfy the desires and necessities of the commercial enterprise. Taking benefits of all the functions of Android, we increase custom-tailor-made Android apps making sure organizations maximize their meet and growth personnel productivity

 We offer the below features which make our services more attractive:

  • A Team of Experienced Android Developers

We have a team with the best skills and knowledge about Android app development which inclines the clients to use our services with cost-effectiveness.

  • 100% Transparency

Our team has the best concept of 100% transparency. We work with our clients as custom-tailored applications with full transparency to our process being used to make applications.

  • Excellent Technical Support

We offer at our home a strong team with the right technical skills that make a positive impact on the Return on investment of the clients. And make them the best news delivering company.

  • 99% On-time Delivery

We take the single project from our client and focus on it with all our mind which helps us to deliver our project on time without any kind of delay.

  • Flexible Engagements

We work on the strategy of flexible engagement where we make our all strategies in such a way that there is always a focus on the right audience and their engagement liable.

  • Cyber Secure

We understand the legal needs of our clients so as to always be away from cyber crimes and never have any loopholes in cybersecurity. Thus we offer our services with 100% of legal attachments.

Mobile app promotion strategies

Before knowing our promotional strategies you need to know the two things which we offer work on

– Build an intuitive app that solves a problem for your target user; and

– Develop a loyal user-base for your app using various marketing techniques.

The strategies are as follows:

Adding innovative features is a very important part of our news application development services.

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing makes it easy for readers to share news or ararticles they think to published on their network.


Localization means serving according to your audience e.g. No matter what language your readers speak, we will give you content in their favorite words.

Reader interaction technology

With a series of functions readers can take part in the application, comment, share, upload their own stories and more.

Social Media Integration

We enable your readers to share news, columns or articles on social media within the app.

Payment Integration

We give readers with the option to link their debit or credit card to it and pay for magazine or news subscriptions.

Optimise your Google Play listing

This is one of the most important optimization techniques that you need to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

The future of news on mobile is quite bright because today each one does not have time to buy the newspaper and read it. And they want news as crisp as possible so that it read in less time from anywhere at any time. And all this is easily being done by news applications on mobile.

Native applications are the apps that require users through online stores like the Google play store. The user installs the required app from these stores.

In the way, the other app technology like mobile web app is the apps which are already installed in the phones. They are only used from phones with the help of mobile web browsers.

The hybrid app is a combination of both the above app which are to standardize the language.

  • It grows the image of news portal among its audience through brand awareness
  • It increases traffic to your news portal and social media handles through social media marketing strategies
  • It can retarget your audience by placing cookies within their browser 

Development of the application on IOS or android is important. So you need to find out your targeted audiences before developing the application and know about their taste and preferences about the technology use is high for IOS or Android and build so.

But eventually, you need to build up both kinds of apps as almost every adult in the world has a smartphone, some with Android and some with IOS. And one cannot find which is dominating the market.

To increase your mobile app download make the market strategy and then use it with all your resources made so as to earn more and more app downloads which can increase your return on investment.

Yes, if your website or application requires few resources, we can host your project on a hosting server. If you have specific hosting needs or resource-intensive needs or need more specific needs, we can use your own dedicated cloud or balanced hosting environment to set it up. If you are not sure what you need, you can start with a simple hosting plan, and then do with more complex configurations as your needs grow.