How e-paper is beneficial for news publishers?


How e-paper is beneficial for news publishers?: Are you running a News Portal? If yes, then you are definitely familiar with the term “E-paper.” Nowadays, e-paper plays a very crucial role in our digital news industry. But do you know what its benefits are? And how it is useful for your news portal.

How e-paper is beneficial for news publishers?
How e-paper is beneficial for news publishers?

Well, in this article, we will explore the actual meaning of an e-paper and how it is useful and important for the news portal.

What is an E-Paper or E- Newspaper?

E-papers are also known as e-newspaper, so don’t get confused. Instead of being printed, these newspapers are published online for anybody to read. They can be found as original Internet publications, supplemental or auxiliary content for printed online content, or online print publications.

For a long time, publishers have been shifting to e-newspapers. Publishers are switching to e-newspapers because they are more convenient, less expensive, and have a lower environmental impact.

It is handier because you may read their news while on the road. There is no need to locate a newspaper stand or wait for delivery. Your most recent news will appear in front of you with just an internet connection needed!

Instead of purchasing physical printing equipment like paper machines, they can save money by only purchasing electronic devices.

Publishers are shifting to e-newspapers. After all, they have a lower environmental impact because they utilize less trees and other natural resources in paper manufacture, which contributes to climate change.

How does E-paper work?

Technology that imitates the look of regular ink on paper is called “e-paper,” sometimes called “electronic paper.” LCD panels emit light, whereas electronic paper displays reflect it like paper. It is how they vary from LCD panels. A clear fluid containing minute particles of various colours and electrical charges is contained in millions of tiny capsules that make up e-paper displays.

A positive or negative electric field causes the electrodes above and below the capsules to rise and fall, which causes the electronic paper display’s surface to reflect a certain colour. The E-paper is bistable and reflective.

How e-paper is beneficial for news publishers?

E-newspapers have several advantages over traditional newspapers, including:

  • One benefit of electronic newspapers is the ability to save the news when you don’t have access to the internet. If you want to read these newspapers again later, you can do so online.
  • E-newspapers are maintained in a database, from which publishers can select which items to display to consumers based on their queries. Even if it’s in a different country, you can discover any story that is relevant to what you want to read there.
  • Since e-newspapers do not require printing, publishers can publish content in various nations for less money. E-newspaper publication is extremely cost-effective because no physical print equipment is required.

Top Applications of e-paper

It has been a while since e-paper displays first became popular. Due to their low-power, light weight, and flexible characteristics, e-paper displays have found employment in various applications across several industries. Let’s have a look at the top e-paper applications:


Users can access the most recent news on politics, sports, technology, business, entertainment, and other topics in India and worldwide through Dailyhunt (formerly NewsHunt). Additionally, it provides news in the native Indian tongue and English.

Google Play Newsstand

You can find more of the news and publications you enjoy in one place on your Android tablet or phone with Google Play Newsstand. Take advantage of the most recent information and in-depth pieces with audio, video, and more.

Aaj Tak

The primary news channel in India is Aaj Tak. This Android app offers Live TV streaming, Hindi news, breaking news alerts, and other features.

News by The Times of India Newspaper

The Times of India’s official, free Android app updates politics, Bollywood, sports, other topics, breaking news, and a live news feed.

The Hindu

The Hindu is a well-known Indian daily noted for its responsible journalism. The Hindu app provides a user-friendly content experience, robust interactive features, and extensive coverage.


Firstpost is the largest digital newsroom in India, providing up-to-the-minute news, views, analysis, and information about the country and the rest of the world.

Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran is India’s most widely circulated Hindi newspaper. Get alerts, browse various categories, and more to find the most recent Hindi news from India and 400+ local cities.

Divya Bhaskar

A well-known Gujarati news website is Divya Bhaskar. You may find information on politics, cricket, Bollywood, lifestyle, finances, and more on the web. Additionally, there are apps for the iPhone and Android.

The First E- Newspapers

Since the 1970s, news has been available online. In May 1992, the Chicago Tribune introduced the first newspaper service on America Online. However, the modern online newspaper model, which includes CNN as a worldwide news engine, did not emerge until 1995. Editor & Publisher Interactive, an American trade publication, registered 12,878 online news media in its database in April 2001, six years later. 

Due mainly to a more user-friendly “point-and-click” interface for the World Wide Web, 1995 saw widespread Internet adoption throughout the entire Western world.

Types of Online Newspapers

There are two kinds of online newspapers:

  • E-edition
  • Web edition


  • The layout is identical to that of a print newspaper, with all formatting intact.
  • It includes all of the artwork, advertising, and images as they are.
  • Maintains the appearance and feel of the print version.
  • The transition from print to digital format in its preliminary form.

Web edition

  • It has a distinct style different from the print edition and survives independently on the Internet.
  • Brief news articles, photos, interlinked websites, and file transfers are all included.
  • The Times of India, The Hindu, Indian Express, and Deccan Herald also have web versions.
  • E-edition marks the next phase in digital newspaper evolution.

The newspaper is printed offline as a hard copy before being published online. It is a replica of the printed version. On the other hand, there are no alternative formats in which web editions are made or distributed. They never appear in the newspaper as a separate edition. Subscription-based e-editions are typically less expensive. Web editions are typically more expensive.

How do E-Papers make money?

If you are running a news portal you must thought about news portal earning. Well, you can easily make money from e-papers. Yes, you heard right. Along with the news portal, you can now generate your revenue from the e-papers.

Not too long ago, people believed that the only way for online newspapers to monetize their content was by selling display advertising. However, publishers today have a wide range of options. 

The bulk of online newspapers generate revenue through established business methods that have been adapted for the internet. Online newspapers that are leaner and savvier make money through an internet-specific business strategy that utilizes many revenue-generating platforms.

Currently, some of the sources of income for online newspapers are:

  • Subscription revenue
  • Membership schemes
  • Online directories that feature sponsored and native advertising
  • Calendars for the community
  • Affiliate hyperlinks
  • Internet sales (ebooks and branded merchandise)
  • Events, both live and virtual

Many things have changed as a result of digitalization. As opposed to physical objects, screens now represent our comfort, news, and lifestyle. Online newspapers might be a small step toward a bigger change, but their popularity attests to their necessity.

As online newspapers become more popular, publishers must take advantage of this opportunity. One could increase investment in journalism with cost savings at the press level.

So there you go—some information on electronic paper. You can get in touch with our company, 7k Network if you’re a journalist thinking about developing an e-paper, news website development to strengthen your technical skills in journalism. Stay tuned to 7k Network for more news portal information.

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