How to apply for RNI Registration for the News Portal?


RNI Registration for the News portal: Let me be very clear: You are free to operate your online news portal without registering, and you are not required to register it with RNI.

RNI Registration for the News Portal
RNI Registration for the News Portal

The Ministry of Communication and Information does not require RNI registration. Google is also fine with this; it permits unrestricted information sharing on the Internet via any channel, including websites and social media. We’ll now explain who should apply for RNI and how.

Consider the scenario where you want to simultaneously operate a news portal and a print media (newspaper, magazine, booklet). In this case, you must register and verify your RNI. Now, if you fall into this category, let’s get into it…

What Is RNI (Registrar of Newspapers Of India)?

RNI Registration for the News Portal
RNI Registration for the News Portal

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s Office of the Registrar of the Newspapers for India (official name), also known as Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), is a government of India statutory body responsible for the registration of publications, including newspapers and magazines, in India. Following the First Press Commission’s 1953 recommendation and an amendment to the Press and Registration of Books Act of 1867, it was connected on July 1st, 1956.

New Delhi is home to the Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India. The Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, and the Registration of Newspapers (Central) Rules, 1956, serve as the foundation for RNI’s regulation and display of newspaper printing and publication. The press registrar is designated as such, and the current press registrar and head of the department are Manish V. Desai, a senior IIS officer from the 1989 batch.

Let’s learn how to register RNI now that you understand it.

Things essential for RNI Registration

RNI Registration for the News Portal

There are some important essentials things you  should have before applying for RNI Registration for News Portal:

  • To begin, you need five names that you want to confirm.
  • Aadhar card owner’s scanned copy
  • The owner’s passport-size photograph should show no older than six months.
  • Phone number of the owner in India
  • Owner address documentation
  • The physical address where the newspaper will be published

How to apply for RNI Registration?

RNI Registration for the News Portal

A very simple procedure is to follow to register with RNI and quickly receive approval. You must first verify the titles of your Newspaper, Magazine, News Portal, etc., for which you must have five newspaper names ready in advance.

After ensuring that no one has ever used the name before and that it has never appeared in a newspaper or magazine, you will need the following paperwork.

Step 1: Access RNI’s official website at

Step 2: Thoroughly read the instructions for title verification found under “RNI Guidelines.”

Step 3: On the website’s home page, click the link to the online title application.

Step 4: Carefully read the instructions for completing the online application before beginning the application process.

Step 5: Complete all the required fields (A functional mobile number and email ID should be provided while filling out the application).

Step 6: Submit your application and print a copy of the completed form.

(Take note of the printed code so you can reprint the application if necessary.)

Step 7: Send the application to the relevant authority (DM, DC, SDM, DCP, JCP, CMM, etc.).

In the Delhi region, DCP will be the sole forwarding authority.

Step 8: The concerned authority will forward the application to the RNI with the forwarding authority’s correct name, signature, and seal.

The RNI will only process the application after receiving the properly forwarded hard copy from the relevant authority.

(ii) The applicant is urged to save a copy of the application that has been properly signed and sent to the RNI for future use.

Step 9: The applicant will be notified of the receipt of the application through the RNI reference number (application number) sent to his mobile number and email after the RNI receives the hard copy of the application forwarded to the relevant authority.

Step 10: The applicant should keep the RNI reference number on hand for any upcoming inquiries.

Step 11: The applicant can access the RNI website to check the application status by entering either the DM number provided by the forwarding authority or the RNI reference number.

Step 12: From the RNI website’s official page, the applicant can also download the title verification letter, title non-approval letter, and discrepancy letter.

You can only access government programs and news coverage, among other things, if you complete the News Portal Registration Process. Google and the Indian government may take action against you if you do not take note of the Registrar of Newspapers Of India.

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