Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Online News Portal


While making an online news portal, many individuals are confused in regards to which website portal will be the best suited for their business. When it comes to designing an online news portal website it is really important to pick the right one as it is vital to showcase the authenticity of the information that they are delivering to the readers. The website should be tech-savvy and also user-friendly, as the target audience of a news portal is very vast.

Let’s discuss why to choose WordPress for designing the website? What would be the benefits and why running an online news portal on this is a better idea? Numerous people and business owners are not aware of these terms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and many others unless and until they start building the website for their business. There are so many options and picking the right option amongst the list of providers can be a difficult task.

Each platform is different and has its benefits, many platforms are built to address a particular market for niche customers or a specific purpose. For example, Shopify is a platform that is best suited for an online store. On this platform, you won’t start a blog in the beginning and then end up having an eCommerce website, but it is a platform wherein you can start an eCommerce shop and then gradually grow it.

WordPress news website

WordPress is a very popular and commonly used platform by many businesses, these questions must have crossed your mind. Why is WordPress so famous? Why do people prefer it that much?

Well, the answers to these questions are really easy, first of all, WordPress is an open software source and is handy to use for a layman. The special features like editing options, redistribution options make the platform unique and easy to access with the availability of unlimited validity.

WordPress in general is the web software that helps in publishing the website or blog. WordPress empowers you to construct and oversee your full-featured site utilizing your web browser—without having to memorize how to code. In truth, if you’ve ever utilized a content editor like Microsoft Word, you’ll be right at home with the WordPress Editor.

Here are some of the reasons why one should choose WordPress software and why it is a great choice. We have listed down 22 reasons for choosing WordPress, these reasons are noted down to enlighten you with the benefits of choosing WordPress and ensuring you that the journey of a publisher to the news website owner can be headed in the right direction.

Reasons for choosing WordPress:

1.  Any type of website can be published using this platform: Choosing this platform is beneficial as it is flexible with all types of websites. This is much more than that of a blog publishing website. This gives you more flexibility and options of versatility to create different types of websites. They give a huge variety of plugins and themes for increasing the functioning to a greater extent.

2.  It is free of cost and has software that is open source: to use, redistribute and edit. WordPress is a completely free software for launching your website and comes with a one-click facility installation. It has unlimited validity and offers great themes for website design.

3. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform: WordPress is a platform that is highly SEO friendly and is also mobile user friendly along with the variations that they offer in designs of the website.

Some important requirements for CMS validity –

  • Gives Navigation option: In WordPress route gets to be exceptionally vigorous with menus, drop-down menu usefulness, labels, categories, and tons of widgets given in WordPress.
  • Image Optimization: Including Title & Alt Labels in pictures takes no time. So you don’t feel any burden to optimize your pictures for great positioning of your post/page.
  • Social Media Integration: Search engines allow significance to destinations getting great activity from social organizing locales. That’s why WordPress underpins social media integration.
  • User Encounter: WordPress is completely optimized to work great on different gadgets, browsers, and frameworks. In truth, subjects coming in are too completely responsive.
  • Quick Stacking Speed: The stacking speed of an online site is additionally impacted by your CMS. That’s why WordPress is as of now optimized for good speed.
  • Good Coding Standard: You’ll be able to envision how progressed it’ll be as its unused forms are presented every few months when it comes. Expert engineers are there to take care of it.
  •  XML Sitemap: Effortlessly produce and yield sitemap to search engines. It makes a difference for them to recognize the structure of your website content.

4. It is easy to customize on WordPress: WordPress offers different themes wherein a user can customize design, colors, and design as per their requirements. Customizing the website by coding is not mandatory but customization in WordPress can be done through codes or panels;

  • Through codes: for the individuals that are new to coding and are not aware of the various if and buts; WordPress for them is the best option as it enables them to understand simple coding and work on their skills.
  • Through Panel: the dashboard on this platform is WP, which is user-friendly and gives a simpler interface that makes it completely possible for customizing the elements of the website with ease.

5. This is easy to use: WordPress is fast-growing and one of the main reasons is that it is easy for users. They also provide video tutorials for a better understanding of the working for the users. They provide various inbuilt facilities for managing the user, publishing a blog, RSS feeds, comments, and many more activities. Once you have installed it, you don’t have to worry about the coding and can make customized configurations easily.

6. They provide nice security: This is a highly secure platform and provides standards that are monitored with security. Regular updates on this platform provide the user with strong protection along with vulnerable fighting options from malware attacks.

WordPress is continuously pushing out modern upgrades and security patches, so by overhauling your adaptation, you’ll be a step ahead of everybody else. In case you need to secure your site indeed, you’ll be able to see into employing a web share that takes security truly. To make sure that the user safety is in the right hands you need to keep track of certain things;

  • Recently updated plugins.
  • Keep in check the plugins as per the ratings.
  • Monitor the number of downloads.
  • Keep the WordPress updated to the recent version.
  • Always make sure that you download the plugins from reliable sources.
  • Try to use a theme that is premium as that theme won’t contain encrypted links and codes of malicious nature.
  • Use the tools of WordPress for basic protection.

7. Their large support from the community helps for troubleshooting: They have a well-maintained support community that helps them in issues related to troubleshooting. The support forum created by them has all the queries and solutions for the problems faced by the members. This transparent approach towards the dedicated forum of WordPress helps to solve the millions of queries raised with ease for the users.

8. Integration of services/applications: WordPress default has a lot of functional services or applications that are inbuilt and are making a great impact when they are powered with plug-ins. These extra plug-ins installed help to add functionality for the website on WordPress. Many of the plugins are free but multiple of them are paid. Various functions can be integrated with WordPress for better utilization:

  • Email marketing – this is one of the most common yet important features that the customers usually use for getting the audience for the website. The integrated Email Marketing services enable the website to collect all the emails by adding the mailing list.
  • Form for contact – Contacting forms are one of the basic requirements for any website. It is the most recommended feature/ plugin for WordPress. There are some limitations to it but most of them get neglected with the benefits associated with it. It makes it easier to configure and collect payments online by watching several websites on one platform.

9. This platform also supports multimedia: It underpins the simple addition of pictures, video, sound in a web journal post. we can embed any media records in our content inside a single press, clients for the most part lock in with pictures, recordings, or audios on web pages. Add anything from a high-resolution picture or video to back what you have got composed. It’s not as simple to transfer these records but you’ll be able moreover to alter them effectively.

10. It is ready to use: You’ll be able to start utilizing WordPress just on install it. There’s no setup required, aside from the customization you allow your subject, as well as the plug-ins that suit your interest. Most of the things you’re trying to find come with the establishment, such as the integration of social media feeds, comments, etc.

11. The platform is adaptable: The reality that WordPress is so versatile can’t be just taken for granted. WordPress is adaptable enough to suit all needs through its expansions and plugins, whether you’re utilizing the CMS for a little trade website, individual web journal, or an eCommerce site. If you’re ready to give WordPress a go, you’ll want to pick the right hosting provider to make sure you get the most out of this CMS.

12. The platform gives a mobile-friendly website: Google is always penalized with the problem that they aren’t mobile-friendly and position them lower on their result pages. With WordPress, you don’t get to upgrade your whole location to create it open on tablets and smartphones, since most subjects are naturally responsive. WordPress moreover has a choice for websites to be seen in “mobile view” for subjects that aren’t responsive.

13. They have a nice source of support: There are loads of offer assistance to be found online, a simple Google search for WordPress and the problem you’re confronting is likely to drag up guides and instructional exercises to assist you to fathom your problem. Indeed way better, the gatherings they give permit clients to assist each other out, making an intuitive community.

14. Many big brand names are associated with this platform: WordPress has powered some of the big market players in the industry. Many known brands associate their names with the WordPress platform and recommend the use of it.

15. This platform is more than just a blog: WordPress began out as a perfect stage to blog, but nowadays, most individuals and businesses utilize WordPress as a by and large site. Since WordPress highlights both post and page structure, you’ll post standard web journal articles without influencing your inactive pages (such as “about us” or “contact us” pages).

16. They provide you with the facility wherein you are committed to a single hosting provider: There’s small to no downtime on WordPress ought to you choose to switch hosting suppliers. Each web has WordPress as a CMS, so it’s not complex to move from one server to another.

17. Helps you to keep your website fresh: You’ll be able to alter up the look of your location on an impulse utilizing any of the free or premium themes accessible, either through WordPress or on third-party destinations. Giving your site a refreshing appearance keeps your company new within the eyes and minds of your clients.

18. This makes it easy for you to schedule posts: scheduling the post becomes easier with the help of the WordPress platform. By using this platform, you can schedule your post and have it published as planned without any delays. You can create all the content to be published at once and schedule the posting as per your planning. Usually most helpful in case a larger part of your activity tends to visit amid a specific piece of time.

19. The platform provides capabilities for multiple users: In many cases, the website is not run by a single individual and thus a multi-user capability in the website becomes a must. WordPress makes the work easier for the business by assigning multiple usages so that numerous people heading different roles can get access to the website more easily and can work efficiently.

20. Helps in publishing the content immediately: In case you need persistence, nothing is stopping you from distributing each and each post with a press of your mouse! And best of all, in case you’ve got the WordPress app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll distribute your post from anyplace, anytime!

21. Gives access to a dashboard that is universal: Their dashboard seems the same on every platform and thus the confusion can be easily eliminated. You can easily add certain things to the dashboard for tracking the stats of the website, the blog post, user visits, and many more things.

22. They have a feature to add testimonials: Having testimonials on your site for almost all items or administrations may be an incredible offering strategy. There are a few plugins accessible that make it simple to distribute client tributes and audits. A few of them offer widgets that appear surveys around your trade on a scroll.

These were some of the reasons for using WordPress and how this platform can make your life easier. Now let’s understand how WordPress for Online News Portal is a nice option.

Are you thinking of starting a news website portal and are confused about which platform should you get access to for better performance? Don’t worry 7knetwork provides you with the best advice, we are specialized in building a news portal website. Our main aim is to make it easier for the readers to get authentic news by helping the news portal to build their websites and deliver the news correctly.

Why choose WordPress for Online News Portal?

WordPress has made it very easy to create a news website, it is free of cost and user-friendly. This is a software that helps to create a website with numerous themes and power the website with various added benefits:

Here are several reasons why WordPress could be an incredible choice for beginning a news website:

  • It offers a strong editor that’s moreover simple to use.
  • It’s optimized for text content, but you’ll moreover include pictures and other interactive media content easily.
  • The stage consequently appears your most recent posts at the beat, which is perfect for a news location or an aggregator.
  • You can utilize subjects and plugins to effortlessly customize your news site.

These are some of the reasons for choosing WordPress for the Online News Portal. Furthermore, in the article, we shall discuss the creation of a news website on WordPress along with the benefits that a news portal can attain by launching its website of this software. WordPress is software that includes numerous benefits that a publisher should consider while launching their news portal in the industry.

How to create a news website on WordPress?

Starting a news website on WordPress is easy and quick, here is stepwise guidance suggested by 7Knetwork for using WordPress for Online News Portal creation –

  1. Install WordPress along with picking up the domain and selecting the web hosting platform: The very first step for using WordPress for Online News Portal website creation is to conclude with what domain and web hosting platform are you going to use for your business website.
  • While choosing a domain name please keep in mind that you pick a name that resonates with your business because that is what the customer is going to see at the first glance. Pick up a domain name after brainstorming numerous combinations and checking them out on various name generator platforms to obtain a name that is unique and quite relatable to your business nature of work.
  • Choosing a web hosting platform is a tricky job, as there are many options in the industry but concluding on one can be difficult. When you are choosing the platform for web hosting check the performance of the platform along with the features that they are providing. Keeping up a web hosting platform that can make your life easier should be your aim.
  • Once you are done with choosing the web hosting platform and domain name, you can now install WordPress for powering your news portal. Many hosting platforms install WordPress on their own but in some cases, you will have to install it on your own.

2.  Select a suitable theme for the news WordPress portal: Once you have installed the WordPress, the next step is to choose a theme on WordPress for Online News Portal to make the lookout of the website impressive. This can be a difficult task to perform since the taste and choice differs from individual to individual and from that of business to business. However, certain aspects need to be kept in mind while picking up the theme:

  • Check the number of installs for the theme along with the stars that each theme has. Choose a theme that at least has 1000 installs and has an average score of review of five or four stars.
  • Also, check the recent updates of the theme you are thinking of picking, ensure that you pick a theme that has received updates within the last 6 months.
News website theme

3. Don’t forget to set up plugins for enhancing the functionality: You must consider this step nicely. There are certain plugins that you should incorporate while running a website powered by WordPress for Online News Portal. Plugins will offer assistance to grow the usefulness of your WordPress site. Including a plugin to a WordPress site may be a way to pick up a new highlight without paying a designer to make that include from scratch. There is a combination of plugins that incorporates both paid and free plugins options. They are basic divided into two categories:

Back-end: this plugin category is related to the back-end functionalities, maintenance, and publishing services. This plugin helps in speeding up the website, workflow process management, and also in increasing the visibility of search engines.

  •  SEO: Having your content included on Google News requires a little extra work. They have put together a plugin that oversees all of the critical errands for you counting the creation of XML News Sitemaps which vary from standard sitemaps in that stories more seasoned than 48 hours are evacuated. In expansion, this plugin oversees a few uncommon labels that are required for compliance with Google’s rules.
  • Calendar and workflow of the editorial: As your news site develops, you’ll conclude upbringing on more scholars and publication staff. Sometimes recently you’ll require a way to oversee your substance and workflow and that’s where this plugin sparkles. The built-in substance calendar appears six weeks of content by default and permits you to see where each article right now sits within the workflow.

    A Custom Status can be connected to each piece of content–pitch, relegated, in advance, needs alter and prepared to publish–which implies you’ll be able to effortlessly track advance for numerous articles and creators. Publication comments moreover got to be the portion of the standard post editor so there’s now no need to go back and forward using mail.

    Any time substance is modified or the status is overhauled, anybody following that specific post will be notified. They have a few more highlights, all of which are particularly adapted towards news websites. Usually one of those must-have plugins that will make your website way less demanding to oversee.
  • Speed of the website: This plugin helps to improve the speed of the website so that the news portal webpages are not slow and the reader can get access to the authentic information that the publisher wants to provide.

Front-end: This plugin helps to cover the functionality of the front-end of the website. These plugins help in improving the view of the website or the visitor interaction of the website. Using WordPress for Online News Portal, the front-end plugins must be chosen correctly. There are certain options to choose for front-end Plugins that are listed below:

  • Polls for visitors: This plugin helps in building the WordPress for Online News Portal, a visitors poll that analyzes the growth of visits on the website and this is easy to set up and highly customized. This includes scheduling multiple polls for the visitors along with the tracking and the ability to use widgets. This plugin provides a list of the poll plugin to ensure more reliable performance.
  • Bios of the author: When building a front-end plugin for a news website the author’s bio should be simply designed and have a responsive box for a better look at the website. A basic version of this plugin can do the work for you, a premium version is not needed, your job can be done just by the normal version. This plugin features the ability to display in the box the specifics of a varied location.
  • News scrolling: When screen space is at a premium, a looking over news gadget may well be precisely what you’re seeking out for. With no coding information required and simple to utilize widgets and shortcodes, News Declaration gives a profoundly customizable appearance counting gadget measure, textual styles, colors, arrangement, slide delay and slide heading to title just several.
  • Sharing social plugins: Social sharing plugins provide a balance in ease of usage and functionality of the website. These plugins provide top sharing on a social platform with the long feature of functionality. It offers the capacity to show buttons over or underneath posts, coasting, inactive, fly-in or pop-up.

    You’ll indeed put sharing symbols on pictures. Show triggers are shifted as well and offer the capacity to display the sharing symbols after a time delay, at the foot of a post, after commenting, upon % scroll, after a buy, or a period of dormancy.

Running a WordPress for Online News Portal presents a few particular challenges that ought to be managed correctly. Whereas a few of the plugins we’ve secured may be discretionary, others are basic to the victory of your news site. In specific you ought to include:

  • A Picture compression plugin
  • An XML news sitemap plugin
  • A plugin to oversee your calendar and workflow
  • A plugin for creator bios

You will moreover need to set up a plugin to include social media sharing symbols in your news articles. This will let guests share posts with their companions, which has an effect on activity numbers and the chance of a viral post.

4. Catch up the speed in creating content within the WordPress for Online News Portal: Once you are done with all the above three steps, get the content ready and with the help of an inbuilt editor get your content edited and then post on the website. Publishing your first article or post on the WordPress for Online News Portal website needs to be a calculated move. The editor feature will help you to get a modern and uncluttered edge for enabling the perfect writing of the news article.

Utilize the primary few weeks as a testing period to decide whether you’re competent in putting together the content you imagined on your own, or in case you’ll enlist exterior journalists and editors to offer assistance. Experienced journalists will be able to type in features with SEO in mind and put together content that impacts users in a way that will drive activity and boost readership.

5. Search for suitable advertisements: Advertisers will as a rule see an item sometime recently they concur to start advertising on your site, so hold off on trying to find promoters until you’ve begun churning out publication content at a regular pace. The specifics of your trade arrangement will manage where promoting income comes from.

Some publishers will keep their websites as an individual side interest, and they can skip this step through and through. The tremendous larger part of advanced publishers will be able to select an advertisement server sometime recently they can begin tolerating promoting.

Numerous autonomous news publishers work with an advertisement serving arrangement, whereas littler bloggers tend to start with Google AdSense some time recently they depart into more productive roads.

It is time for you to launch your website on the WordPress for Online News Portal wherein the publishers can deliver the essential information to their readers.

Benefits for using WordPress platform for building news portal:

1.  Adaptable and flexible news portal: Utilizing WordPress for Online News Portal building is beneficial as this platform gives a flexible and adaptable environment with ease of running complex sites of many multinational companies. WordPress is not just a blogging website, but it is a website that gives a lot of scope for flexibility for the business to alter basic plugins as well as premium plugins for better performance of the news portal.

2.  WordPress is user-friendly: WordPress is extremely user-friendly and can install easily just by running software for a couple of minutes. With the help of experts, the work becomes even easier, 7Knetwork helps the publishers in getting their news portal done with efficiency and in time on WordPress. They have earlier in this article discussed the steps for making a news portal website on WordPress.

3.  Offers multiple options: WordPress provides multiple options for the fine and tuned running of the website, they also make sure that the appearance and the functions are placed just in the right place so that the audience can easily access the portal.

7Knetwork helps the publishers in the delivery of information to the readers. Their team of experts makes sure that the appearance of the website is just right and is user-friendly even when operating through their mobile devices. They also help in running the website live and then install in time for introducing any changes in the look or the layout of the website.

4. The plugins they offer help in extending functionality: WordPress incorporates all the components required to make a fundamental location, but numerous clients need more specialized capacities related to a site’s particular needs. The WordPress plugin catalog incorporates hundreds of plugins—small pieces of code planned to perform particular tasks—that permit clients to include highlights such as shopping carts, displays, contact shapes, and more to any consistent WordPress website.

WordPress plugins

Clients can moreover buy and introduce hundreds of custom plugins from third-party engineers. Plugins can be enacted or deactivated and uninstalled as required as a website evolves. Building a news website incorporates dealing with the numerous changes and needs these extended plugins for better performance of the website.

5. WordPress helps in making the website mobile responsive: Mobile responsiveness is additionally a figure in Google rankings, so websites got to see great on any gadget. WordPress offers an assortment of responsive subject plans, and clients can moreover make an inactive website responsive with plugins and alterations to topic records.

6.  WordPress provides a built-in blog for anytime access: Since WordPress could be a content administration system program, it has numerous highlights that make publishing content simple. One of these could be a “built-in” web journal that can be gotten to from any gadget, at any time, so that clients who want to include a web journal to their site don’t ought to make one independently.

That produces it conceivable indeed for destinations disconnected to blogging to utilize the web journal for including upgrades or declarations. 7knetwork helps to make the website accessible anytime and from anywhere to the readers so that the publishers can deliver the required information.

7.  Higher site ranking of WordPress website: WordPress for Online News Portal is ranked higher due to the configuration of the Google settings. Searchability is key to positioning tall on Google and other search engines. WordPress locales tend to rank tall for their catchphrases, generally, since they’re continually being upgraded as a result WordPress incorporates an assortment of devices and plugins for optimizing content for SEO. Our team of experts at 7knetwork helps the publishers in ranking their website higher by enhancing the SEO performance of the website.

8.  WordPress offers community support: Since WordPress is free and open-source, it’s upheld by WordPress-loving communities around the world. This community of WordPress partners is capable of making changes to the source records and keeping WordPress upgraded and secure.

The WordPress community locks in the bounty of outreach to clients, facilitating WordPress camps around the world and supporting the development of neighborhood WordPress client bunches. WordPress for the Online News Portal website can be beneficial as they can always seek support from the vast community that they are associated with.

These are the benefits that can be addressed by the publishers when they choose to develop a website on WordPress for Online News Portal

How can using plugins be beneficial?

Plugins offer a huge variety of functions that extend the functionality of a website. The main reason why most individuals pick WordPress for Online News Portal is that it has a lot of plugins to select from, which can help in enhancing the news online website. Here is a list of benefits that can be gained if you are managing your website on the WordPress platform: 

  • Helps in meeting your requirement changes: Your need as a business keeps changing, with the change in the industry the business evolves. A website is an online representation of the business, now if the business needs are changing it will surely result in a change of appearance.

    The news industry keeps changing and so do the website requirements. WordPress offers a range of plugins that a business can utilize in its website as per their requirement. One of the major reasons for using WordPress for Online News Portal is the flexibility these plugins extend for adding functionality to the website.
  • You can find a plugin for each requirement: WordPress offers a huge range of plugins that can help the business in fulfilling different requirements for the website.
  • Information is available openly: One way to survey the ubiquity of a plugin is to see the number of dynamic installations within the WordPress plugin registry. A plugin that has tens or hundreds of thousands of plugins is much less likely to cause issues, than one with fewer dynamic installations. The information for these plugins is available openly, which makes it easier for the business to understand which plugin is most suitable.
  • When using a WordPress website, plugins are easy to add: The plugins of WordPress give hooks and filters which empower designers to include they’re possess usefulness onto it. When a WordPress plugin is included in your site it is enlisted within the database. From the admin board, you’ll then select to deactivate or activate these plugins. Thus, it becomes easy to add the plugins to a WordPress website. 

In case you’re seeking out a straightforward device that will assist you to construct your web journal or site without learning how to code, no other program makes it this simple. And, you’ll discover that WordPress is fantastically adaptable, with thousands of themes, plugins, and bolster choices to guarantee that your location will proceed to develop with you within the future.

7knetwork helps in giving the best pathway to the publishers for giving the readers the news that holds importance in the real world. Setting up the website on WordPress is just the first step towards the delivery of authentic news to the readers. 7knetwork not only helps in setting up the WordPress for Online News Portal but also helps in managing the social media platforms and in digital marketing of the news portal.

Visit your portal today and start your journey of becoming a leading news portal website from just being a publisher. Our team of experienced professionals at 7knetwork help to provide the best-in-class service for building a responsive news portal website on WordPress software.

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