What is Community Journalism?


Are you interested in a career in journalism? If you want to learn about the most important part of it, look into community journalism, also known as local journalism. It is critical in the field of journalism. Let’s look into it further. 

Community Journalism
Community Journalism

What is Community Journalism?

The term “community journalism” refers to Local Journalism. It is professional news coverage focused on neighborhoods, towns, or small towns rather than metropolitan, state, national, or global news.

When it comes to more significant issues, it focuses on its impact on local readers. As a result, community journalists frequently cover topics that the mainstream news media does not. It pays attention to stories that are sometimes dismissed as insensitive.

History of Community Journalism

According to research into the history of community journalism, it was founded between 1957 and 1971. The term “community journalism” was invented by Ken Byerly, a Montana editor, and UNC-Chapel Hill journalism professor. Although it had a relatively new name, this concept dates back to the founders of community journalism.

The phrase “community journalism” was first used by editors in a course called “Editing the Country Weekly.” However, it failed because it required revision to be more suited to the 1950s’ thriving suburban newspapers. Due to its fit with the then-current weekly and smaller dailies, these editors ultimately decided on community journalism. As a result, community journalism gradually emerged.

Purpose of Community Journalism

This community’s goals are to support community journalists in raising the bar for editorial writing and news reporting, to support strong, independent editorial voices, and to stand with the community across journalistic divides. Let’s take out the look at the purpose of Community Journalism:

  1. Community news wants to give local news the majority of its weight, identify a significant local angle in national and international news, and relate the relationship between them.
  2. They carry out their civic duty by promoting the community’s interests.
  3. The goal of community journalism is always to uphold local interests.
  4. Community journalism is a real effort to rebuild journalism’s reputation and give the press its rightful place at its center.

Community Media Outlets

The list below, which provides the content of local media outlets, can be used to measure the degree to which news sources reveal community composition:

  1. Communities with contact information for local officials, leaders, experts, and community organizations.
  2. Information that is relevant and useful to community members, as provided by community leaders, officials, experts, and organizations.
  3. Information on institutions and services offered by the community and information on clubs and organizations
  4. News that will help communities understand how to use institutions and services.
  5. Community members can use this information to learn how to connect with local or relevant clubs and organizations.
  6. Information that enables communities to take advantage of local or relevant events and festivals.


The Advantages of Community Journalism

  1. The ideal form of community journalism exposes shareable locations, organizations, assets, occasions, and ideas.
  2. People will become aware of it and be inspired to spread awareness.
  3. Community journalism is a practice that will support the process of giving a community meaning and fostering discussion.

Community Journalism and Digital Media

We all know that mobile journalism plays an important role nowadays. Compared to a few years ago, mobile users are more likely to access various media platforms and feel more involved in the media landscape. Therefore, there is a greater chance that news portals will use social media.

Aside from reading local news on their tablets and smartphones, residents can share and post links to articles, comment on them, and even contribute their content. Digital media is one of the solid pillars for news e-portals. Now readers can easily connect with your digitally and stay updated with the news.

Applications of Community Journalism

No community accepts the values or methods of journalism. Let us be clear about that.

Journalism has a long history of promoting the avoidance of any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, ranging from not joining community groups to not doing business with a candidate those groups support.

News that becomes a local sensation is encouraged to be covered by it. It supports not only the reporter covering that story but also.

10 Fundamentals of Good Journalism

Let’s take a look at the top 10 important fundamentals of Good Jounalism:

  1. The first obligation of journalists is to stay honest.
  2. Its first loyalty is to the people.
  3. Verification discipline.
  4. It must act as an impartial power monitor.
  5. It must offer a platform for public commentary and compromise.
  6. It needs to make an effort to keep the important material engaging and pertinent.
  7. The news must remain comprehensive and relevant.
  8. Its practitioners must be free to follow their conscience.
  9. Regarding the news, citizens also have obligations and rights.
  10. The professionals who practice it must remain impartial toward the clients they serve.


We learned about community journalism today and realized that it promotes the kind of local journalism that the mainstream media almost always shies away from. Additionally, you can use 7k Network‘s service for News Portal Website Development if you want to launch your professional life with a news portal in the influential era of digital journalism.

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